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Tech Support

Affiliates in the Platinum, Gold, and Silver tiers will receive premium tech support for free. Call us with your name and dongle number, and we will help you with your EEGer4 technical support question. Some cases might see an additional fee, for example, protracted or non-standard updates and installations. Non-affiliates can receive support by purchasing a Single Issue or an Annual Tech Support Subscription with EEG Store.

Amp Loaner Program

(for Affiliates in the continental US Only) If your amplifier malfunctions and needs to be repaired or serviced, we will send you a loaner amplifier (to use for one month), so you can continue to see your clients in the meantime. Gold and Silver affiliates must pay shipping both ways - but Platinum members will receive their loaner amp at no additional cost!

Home Use Licenses

Affiliates who qualify may purchase a controlled-functionality, limited-license version of EEGer4 that clients can use at home, under their clinician's direction and supervision. This can expand your practice, and help clients who need neurofeedback training over a long period of time, or for whom travel is an issue. Contact us for more information.

Discounts on Supplies at EEG Store

EEG Store offers a variety of neurofeedback equipment and supplies - like amplifiers, electrodes, paste, prep, and more. Affiliates receive discounts on most products, varying by tier. Call us at (888) 521-9803 to place an order.

Discounts on EEG Education & Research Courses & the Neurofeedback Interchange Conference

Send a tech to a training course, retake a course yourself, or attend an advanced course, and earn continuing education units all at a discounted rate! Affiliates also receive discounts on attendance to the annual Neurofeedback Interchange Conference in May! Register and learn more at

EEGer4 Updates

Keep your access to future updates! Continued development requires continued support. Affiliates will have access to regular updates as they are released, but the newest versions of EEGer4 will no longer be available as a free download for non-Affiliates.

Upgrade to EEGer 4.4

EEGer4.4 is the latest version of EEGer software. It is much like EEGer 4.3, but with some new looks, new features (including a user login, and enhanced Unicode support), and games not available for earlier versions. EEGer 4.4 is available for free to Platinum and Gold Affiliates, and discounted for Silver Affiliates. *If you choose not to upgrade, your version of EEGer will stay static.*

Annual Keyfile Update

EEGer4 now requires annual keyfile update. Platinum, Gold, and Silver Affiliates receive priority at no charge.

Webinar Access

Our community possesses a wealth of information and ideas about neurofeedback. Our neurofeedback webinars draw from this talented pool and beyond, and offer insight on varied topics to deepen your neurofeedback training. For those who cannot attend, some webinars are archived to view at a later date.

Discounts on Most Feedback Games

We are currently developing new EEGer4 games for you and your clients! These games will be discounted $125 off for Platinum, $100 off for Gold and $50 off for Silver Affiliates. Discounts apply differently to third-party games, such as those from Zukor Interactive. Please ask for details.

Focus page on

Post a profile for clients seeking a practitioner. Our website gets a lot of traffic, so we're a great place for people to find you on the internet. If you have a website, you can also post a link to your site here.

Rotating Feature on

We are currently in the process of revamping our website! will have a rotating front-page to highlight Platinum and Gold Affiliates, their practices, stories, and specialties. You and your practice will have a turn as the feature of the EEG Education & Research website!

Find a Provider Listing on

Potential clients will be able to find you by searching our Find A Provider tool on the new website.

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