Protocol classes act like different ‘folders’ to store client session data. This allows similar data to be grouped together for review purposes. There are three protocol classes available within EEGer:

BetaSMR: This is the protocol class most amplitude training is done under, and is the ‘default’ used by EEGer.

Experimental: This protocol class is used to store minimap sessions, as well as special layouts and feedback modes.

Alpha-Theta: This protocol class stores session data for training done with the Alpha-Theta feedback display.

A single Client ID can have multiple protocol classes assigned to it. Protocol classes can be assigned during the client creation process or added to a Client ID at any time from EEGer’s main screen. To add a new protocol class to an existing Client ID:

  1. Navigate to Client>Add Protocol Class to Existing Client from the top toolbar of EEGer’s main display.
  2. A list of active clients will appear. Select the Client ID to add a protocol class to.
  3. Select the protocol class to add to the selected Client ID.
  4. A window will appear asking if a custom session plan should be loaded. Selecting Yes will take the user through the steps of selecting a custom session plan. Choosing No will load the default session plan for the protocol.
  5. The new client’s protocol class can now be selected from the list of active clients.
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