Additional Protocol Classes can be added to a Client ID at any time once the Client ID has been created. Protocol Classes can be added from EEGer’s main screen while in clinical mode. Home Use systems are not able to add Protocol Classes, as Home Use files are created by the supervising clinician

To add a new Protocol Class to an existing Client ID:

  1. Navigate to Client>Add Protocol Class to Existing Client from the top toolbar of EEGer’s main display. 
  2. A window will appear asking the user to specify the Client ID to add a Protocol Class to. 
  3. A window will appear allowing a protocol class to be selected for the Client ID.
  4. A window will appear asking if a custom session plan should be loaded for this Protocol Class. Selecting Yes will take the user through the steps of selecting a custom session plan. Choosing No will load the default session plan for the protocol. The session plan can be edited at any time once the Protocol Class has been added.
  5. If the user has selected to load a custom session plan, they will be prompted to choose the layout and name associated with the custom session plan. Please note that this will only allow selecting a custom session plan if it was created for the same protocol class chosen in Step 3.
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