The electricity used in homes and offices causes high-frequency noise. This noise interferes with neurofeedback training and can prevent accurate data from being recorded if not properly filtered out. EEGer has settings to filter out this background noise depending on which country the user is located in.

When Does This Setting Need to Be Adjusted?

Most countries use 50Hz power, but others use 60Hz power. The United States of America uses 60Hz power, which EEGer is set to filter out by default. If the user is in another country this setting will need to be adjusted to ensure that accurate measurements can be recorded during training.

Generally, countries use either 50Hz or 60Hz power. Some countries, however, use both 50Hz and 60Hz depending on region.

This website keeps an updated list of power differences between countries. Locate the country where the EEGer system is in and see if it uses 50Hz or 60Hz. If it uses 50Hz, follow the steps below to adjust settings within EEGer. This setting can always be reverted if necessary, such as when traveling.

Adjusting Power Settings in EEGer

  1. Open EEGer and navigate to Options>EEGer Configuration Options from the top toolbar of the software's main screen.
  2. Navigate to the Setup tab along the top of the options menu.
  3. Locate option 5 Power is 50 Hz (instead of 60 Hz) and check the box to the right of it.
  4. At the bottom of the menu press Close preferences window. This will apply the change and return to the main menu.
  5. Attempt to run a live session with your amplifier and observe if the noise is present, and that good connections can be established.
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