Game Description

In Airship Regatta, the client competes to stay ahead in this fantastical race through a magical canyon. Like similar neurofeedback games, the goal is to keep the middle player ship, representing the reward trace, in the forefront while keeping the side ships, representing the inhibit traces, as far back as possible. In addition to ship movement, magic rings and ship animations help signal that a client is above or below their reward or inhibit traces. If a client maintains a reward state long enough, a special boost will push them ahead in the race. This is represented by a boost bar at the bottom of the screen. The left side tells the client how long they need to maintain a reward state to receive the boost, and the right side indicates how long the boost will last if uninterrupted. Amplitude meter bars for the inhibit and reward traces provide additional feedback and can display additional trace meters if a client is using more than the typical 3 filtered traces.

Game Options

  • Game reward sound
  • Ship colors
  • Time on task to receive boost
  • Length of boost
  • Trace meter transparency
  • Option to hide trace meters
  • Universal speed of the airships
  • Speed of acceleration
  • Speed of deceleration
  • Shadow options


  1. Navigate to EEGer's support site.
  2. Download Airship Regatta by clicking the version link in the second column.
    1. If the computer used with EEGer does not have access to the internet, download the game onto another device and transfer the installer to the EEGer computer using an external storage device (hard drive, flash drive, etc.).
  3. Run the Airship Regatta installer and click Yes or OK when prompted.
    1. If prompted, restart your computer.
  4. Ensure that the latest enabling keyfile for the EEGer license is installed.
  5. Open EEGer and navigate to Tools>Game Initialization Tool.
  6. Click Done-Save Configuration at the bottom of the menu.
  7. Click SAVE all games at the bottom of the next menu.
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