The Amplifier Loaner Program is a benefit for EEG Education & Research Affiliates to reduce the impact that equipment failure can have on a practice. If an amplifier fails, EEG Store will provide troubleshooting and support to verify the issue is with the amplifier and that it requires repair. Once the issue is verified, EEG Store can issue a temporary loaner amplifier at no charge to the affiliate while their original amplifier is being repaired by the manufacturer. Once the original device is repaired, the loaner amplifier is shipped back to EEG Store.

Loaner amplifiers vary in model depending on current stock. We aim toward providing a loaner amplifier of the same model of the damaged amplifier to minimize the amount of configuration or adjustment needed. If an amplifier of the same model is not current available, one will be offered which is comparable to the damaged amplifier. EEG Store will provide full assistance getting the device configured with the software and answering any questions that arise.

Amplifiers on loan are due back within 30 days of being issued. If the original amplifier can not be repaired and returned in that time period, EEG Store can offer the amplifier for an extended period of time. Once the original amplifier is repaired and returned, EEG Store will happily assist in reconfiguring the software for the device and helping verify that it functions properly.

For more information about the Amplifier Loaner Program, including information about necessary paperwork, please contact EEG Store.

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