When configuring EEGer for the Neurobit Optima device, it is possible that it will not show up in the dropdown menu as a selectable device. There are two reasons this may be happening:

  • The version of EEGer installed on the computer may be before support for the Neurobits were added. Support for the Optima amplifiers was added in 440s. If an older version of the software is installed on the computer, the Optima will not be selectable in the options menu. If this is the case, follow these instructions to install the latest version of the software onto the computer. This version will allow allow the Optima to be selected from the menu (the step below may also need to be performed at this stage).
  • An option needs to be checked to allow the Optima to appear in the list. This is because support for the Optima amplifiers is new, so they are still classed in the software as 'experimental' devices. This option is checked on by default in newer versions of the software, but on some upgraded systems the option may still be left unchecked. To enable experimental devices, follow these steps:
  1. Open EEGer and navigate to Options>EEGer Configuration Options.
  2. Locate the Special tab at the top of the menu.
  3. Check the box for 5 Allow Investigational Devices.
  4. Press Close preferences window at the bottom of the screen, which will save the settings and return to the main screen.
  5. Navigate back to Options>EEGer Configuration Options.
  6. Optima should now be selectable from the Devices tab under 6 Source of EEG/Peripheral data.
  7. Press Close preferences window to return to EEGer's main screen and attempt to run a session.
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