This is useful if you accidentally create an Operator name with a typo or accidentally confirm a blank name.

  1. Open the Windows File Explorer and navigate to C:\EEGer\Preferences\Settings.
  2. Locate a file called Last User.ini - this may also be labelled as a Configuration settings file.
  3. Right-click on this file and either Edit or Open using a program like Notepad. You should now be able to edit the contents of this configuration file.
  4. You should see a single line reading user=ABC, where ABC is the current operator name set within EEGer. If you see a date next to this information, you may have opened the wrong file. If no operator's name is present, it's possible that an operator name was submitted with no text.
  5. Ensure you are opening Last User.ini and not Last User.txt.
  6. Change the operator name to what you would like and save the file by navigating to File>Save from the top toolbar of your text editor.
  7. Close and reopen EEGer if it is open. You should now be prompted to select the operator name you recently edited when starting the software.
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