As with most things in EEGer, the colors of the reward/inhibit and spectral frequency bands are entirely configurable. The steps to do so are relatively simple, but there are a few tricky things to note, so follow the steps carefully:

  1. From EEGer's main menu (not the session planning menu) select Options>>Change colors from the top toolbar.
  2. The colors are arranged by frequency along the left sign of the menu. If you have not altered EEGer's colors prior to this, you should be looking at the default color set, which ranges from a bright fuchsia at 0-1 Hz to an orange at 50-51 Hz. The topmost textbox on the menu should read Default.
  3. Before you begin changing colors, browse through the other preset color schemes by selecting Load [#] from the right side of the menu.
  4. If you have found your desired color-set in one of the preset color schemes, proceed to step 9.
  5. If you have not found a desired color-set in one of the preset color schemes, you can begin creating your own color-set by clicking on a frequency range on the left side of the menu.
  6. This will bring up a small New Color menu, in which you can manually drag the color selector to the desired color for the frequency. Hit OK once you have picked the desired color and repeat for as many frequencies as you want to change.
    Note: It may be helpful to write down or copy/paste the three numerical values in the New Color menu--these three numbers are simply a numerical representation of the color you've chosen. You can use these same values in subsequent frequency ranges, or alter them slightly if you want to use a similar color or make a smooth color gradient.
  7. From the main Change Colors menu, you can also click any of the middle buttons (Label, Highlight, Line, etc.) to further configure EEGer's colors. The sample traces at the bottom show what the currently selected colors will look like during a session.
  8. Once you are satisfied with your new color-set, hit one of the Save [#] buttons at the right side of the menu--we recommend you save it in a slot that does not already have a saved color scheme (i.e., save it in one of the sets whose Load [#] button is grayed out. Make sure to remember what number you've saved your set to.
  9. Once you've saved the set, click the X in the upper right of the menu to close the Change Colors menu and return to EEGer's main menu.
  10. From the main menu, select Options>>EEGer Configuration Options from the top toolbar.
  11. Select the Preferences tab from the top of the menu.
  12. Change option 2: User-defined color set to the number that you saved your custom color set to (i.e., if you it "Save 4" in the Change Colors menu, select 4 for the User-defined color set option.
  13. Click STORE settings at the bottom of the configuration menu. A pop-up window reading Data STORED should appear. Wait for it to disappear.
  14. Click Close preferences window at the bottom of the configuration menu.
  15. Your new color set should now be active in EEGer. Replay a test session to see your new colors in action.

_Please note: You must revisit the configuration menu and change your **User-defined color set each time you would like to change color sets (if, for instance, you only use specific color sets for specific clients, or if you would like to return to the default color set). This is the same process as detailed in steps 10-15._**

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