The supervising clinician and home-user can scan the contents of a home use flash drive using EEGer. This is helpful for troubleshooting, as it is a quick way to verify the status of a home use system and identify any problems that would prevent its use. A check of the home use flash drive can be initiated by navigating to Client>Remote-use options>Check status of EEGer remote-use USB memory stick from the top toolbar of the main screen of EEGer.

The information displayed in this menu is as follows:

X remote use sessions left

Number of session permissions remaining, as set by the supervising clinician.

X Dongle sessions left

Number of EAs remaining on the home use dongle (not clinical dongle). Please note that licenses which receive unlimited EAs will report a 0 in this field - this is an intended side effect.

Last Used

The last time the home use license was used to run a live neurofeedback session which wrote session date to the home use flash drive. This date will remain accurate even if session data is transferred (or removed) from the home use flash drive. If a session has not been ran since initialization, the system should display the date 12/31/1999.

Drive Status

This line reports whether the home use flash drive has home use session data stored on it. If no session data is found, this line will read Drive does not have any data. If data is found on the home use flash drive, this line will read Drive HAS data on it!.

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