Chomper has several options that can be changed while running a session.

They are as follows:

Keyboard key Action
1 Default camera, fixed view of maze
2 Close-up camera, moving view of Chomper
3 Distant camera, moving view of Chomper
M Toggle music on/off

For dual-monitor systems:

For these key commands to work, you must move your cursor to the game monitor and click. This will allow your keyboard to control the game.

When your keyboard is controlling the game, EEGer will display a message on the therapist screen reading Keyboard lost. This is simply a reminder that your keyboard is not currently interacting with EEGer, you will not be able to issue regular EEGer keyboard commands (F5, F9, F11, etc).

To make your keyboard interact with EEGer again, simply move your cursor back to the therapist monitor and click anywhere in the screen.

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