Choosing between a two-channel or four-channel amplifier depends what kind of neurofeedback training you are doing, or expect to be doing, and if that requires input from more than two sites on the scalp simultaneously. If you have a mentor, you may wish to ask them what kind of neurofeedback training they recommend. If you think you may use four-channel training anytime in the future, it may be beneficial for you to invest in a four-channel EEG amplifier. In addition to training four sites simultaniously, four-channel amplifiers can also do single-channel or two-channel training.

Since there are many ways to use both two-channel and four-channel amplifiers for effective training, we recommend seeking clinical advice from a mentor or colleague who is familiar with the type of training you wish to perform. If you are unfamiliar with which training you might focus on, it may be more manageable to purchase a two-channel EEG amplifier. Most new users begin with single-channel or two-channel training. Some clinicians prefer a two-channel amplifier, since their training does not use additional channels.

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