This is a list of common error messages that display in red in the center of the software’s main screen. This list is not comprehensive of all error messages that can appear.

Dongle Not Found

EEGer cannot find the dongle - this could be because it's not connected, or wasn't connected when the software started. Less often this could indicate a driver problem or an issue with the USB port/hub the dongle is connected to.

To begin troubleshooting, close the EEGer software, Disconnect the EEGer dongle and move it to a new USB port. If an empty port is not available, the port used by the amplifier and dongle can be swapped for troubleshooting. Once the dongle is reconnected, open the software and observe if the error message is resolved.

When the software is reopened, the error message may be gone or replaced with one of the error messages below. If ‘Dongle Not Found’ persists, consider troubleshooting the device driver.

Demonstration Only
License doesn't match dongle or
License Not Installed
Version Enable Expired

There are some slight variations to this text, but generally this is what will appear in the following situations:

  • Dongle is connected, but no keyfile is found.
  • Dongle is connected, but an expired keyfile is installed.
  • Dongle is connected, but the installed keyfile is for another dongle.

This message is telling us that both the License Enable and Version Enable on the keyfile are missing, expired, or do not match the dongle currently connected to the computer.

Common use cases include:

  • A clinician hasn't used their system in a long time, and therefore missed warning messages about the license expiring. They need to contact EEG Store to request a renewal keyfile.
  • A clinician installed an old keyfile by mistake, often clicking the icon on the desktop by accident instead of the similar looking EEGer icon, and needs to reinstall their latest keyfile.
  • A clinician who supervises home-users accidentally installed a home-use keyfile onto their clinical system by mistake, and needs to reinstall their latest keyfile.
  • A clinician has two clinical dongles, but has the dongle and keyfile mismatched on the system. This could be because the wrong dongle is plugged into their system, or the wrong keyfile was installed.

Demonstration Only
Version Enable Expired

User has the correct dongle connected for their keyfile, but their keyfile is partially expired and needs to be renewed. This can be done by contacting EEG Store and requesting a renewal keyfile.

A keyfile has two 'parts' that expire:

  • License Enable
  • Version Enable

Keyfiles are made to have the Version Enable expiring one month prior to the license enable, in most cases. Each of these have a 30-day countdown period when approaching expiration. This gives users a total of 60 days 'warning' on their screen about an upcoming expiration.

Right now a user can still run certain basic training protocols with their version enable expired, but for most people the system is unusable for live sessions. The goal behind this expiration message is it gives a lot of lead time for people to report an expiration and contact EEG Store.

Why Wouldn't a System Notify About an Expiration?

  1. In previous versions of the software, EEGer did not display expirations correctly at the end/start of the year. If a license was expiring on 01/10 for example, the user would not receive a warning until 01/01. Because this is a time of the year that people are usually on holiday, they may not see the message until the countdown is over or when there is only a few days remaining.
  2. If a user doesn't use EEGer for several months, they will not be able to see the expiration message. If the system is used infrequently, the error may not be noticed as new.
  3. In some cases, other warnings can be in the middle of the screen that do not restrict the software’s ability to run live sessions. This can make this portion of the screen easier to ignore, making expiration warnings less likely to be seen.

Why Doesn't EEG Store Automatically Send Renewals? / Why Do People Request Renewals?

For compliance with our regulatory bodies, we have to ensure that EEGer is only being used by qualified individuals, as it could cause harm if misused or used in a way that is not prescribed by a qualified individual. We are required to keep up-to-date contact information for all our users and verify they are who they say they are. We can not send renewal files without prompting because if a user were to stop using EEGer, lose access to their email address, or sell their equipment, that would risk potential misuse of the software license.

The renewal process can be thought of as a ‘check-in’, and a good time to ask questions about new products/services, courses and webinars, and to schedule technical support appointments if necessary.

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