Configuring EEGer for the Optima 2 & Optima+ 4 Amplifiers

Note: Support for Neurobit Optima amplifiers was added in EEGer4 440s. Users on previous versions of the software are required to update their software in order to use Neurobit devices.

  1. Open EEGer and navigate to Options > EEGer Configuration Options along the top toolbar.

  2. On the tab labeled Devices, click the drop-down menu for 6 Source of EEG/peripheral data and select Optima from the menu.

  3. Click on Close preferences window in the bottom-center of the screen.

The Neurobit Optima should now be fully configured for running live sessions in EEGer!

Before beginning a session, ensure that the amplifier is connected to the computer and that it has been turned on using the device's physical power button (located on the top face). Once the amplifier is properly configured with EEGer and powered on, begin a live or replay session. If everything is configured properly, you will see a green box in the lower right corner of the therapist display/wave screen with the word Ok.

A red box, or no box at all, indicates a problem with the amplifier or its configuration. The most common problem, XSYNC, can occur if the computer fails to 'see' the amplifier. Follow these instructions if encountering an XSYNC message.

Using the Neurobit Optima 2 & Optima+ 4 Amplifiers

Neurobit Optima devices connect using a microUSB cable directly to the computer being used with EEGer. Provided the computer has an available USB port, additional cables or adapters should not be needed to connect the device to the computer.

Both the Neurobit Optima 2 and Optima+ 4 feature a blue SH or Shield input port to allow for for active shielding of the electrodes. This can help reduce artifact due to cable movement or outside interference, but requires special electrodes and accessories. This port is not used for normal, non-shielded electrodes, and can safely be ignored. It is important to know that this port does not function as a second VG or Virtual Ground port. When connecting electrodes, take extra care to ensure that the correct ports are being used to avoid poor signal accuracy. The optima devices have labeled electrode inputs per channel, instead of using a color-based system to distinguish different channels. Instead, all signal inputs are colored red, all reference inputs are colored black, and the ground input is colored white.

The ports of the Neurobit Optima 2 correspond to the following:

VG (Virtual Ground) | Signal 2/Signal B | Signal 1/Signal A
SH (Shield) | Reference 2/Reference B | Reference 1/Reference A

The ports of the Neurobit Optima+ 4 correspond to the following:

Signal 4/Signal D | Signal 3/Signal C | White - VG (Virtual Ground) | Signal 2/Signal B | Signal 1/Signal A | Reference 4/Reference D | Reference 3/Reference C | SH (Shield) | Reference 2/Reference B | Reference 1/Reference A

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