To have a continuous sound playing during a session, find a sound file which is either the duration of the session or can loop or repeat without being annoying or distracting to the client. EEGer is compatible with sound files in .wav format. If the audio file you have is not in this format, you can convert an audio file to .wav using an online converter or a program such as Audacity (free sound editing software). There are many tutorials online on how to convert files if you need to do this.

Once you have the .wav sound file that you would like to use, save it to your computer in a location that you can find in the future. We recommend creating a subfolder within the Games folder of EEGer (C:\EEGer\Games) named 'Custom Sounds'.

To add the new sound to a game within EEGer, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Launch EEGer and navigate to the Tools>Game Initialization Tool from the top toolbar of EEGer's main screen.
  2. A list of your games will appear. Double click on the name of the game you would like to add the sound file too.
  3. A new window will appear with many customization selections. Locate line 2020: List of possible sounds. A new window will appear, click the Add button and use the file browser to navigate to your sound file. Once selected click Ok.
  4. Click the Done button.
  5. Then click Done-Save changes from the bottom of the screen.
  6. You will be returned to the list of games, click Done-Save Configuration from the bottom of the screen.
  7. A new window will appear with preview images of each game. Locate the Edit button to the left of the game you added the sound file to.
  8. Locate line 2030: Pathname of sound 3, and click the empty field to the right.
  9. Select the new sound file and and click OK.
  10. Locate line 2031: Sound 3 play mode and click the field to the right - select 2 CONTINUOUS from the menu and press Ok.
  11. You can either click Create new selection at the bottom of the screen to create a whole new customized game or you can click Replace selection with changes and this will change this game across the board.
  12. If creating a new selection, rename the game with Option 2: What You want to call this tailored game. This will allow you to tell the difference between the two games.
  13. You will be returned to the list of all games, click Save All Games.
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