1. Locate your computer's C: Drive by opening a Windows Explorer window. This can be found by selecting the small manila folder icon along the task bar at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Once open, a new window should appear with a split screen. On the left side, there will be a list of locations within your computer, the right side will list everything within the location specified on the left.

  3. Locate This PC in the left side and, on the right side you should see a list of folders. One of them should read EEGer.

  4. Click on the EEGer folder. Within that folder you should find another folder that reads Games, click this folder.

  5. Within this folder, locate the folder Images. Store your preferred pictures within this folder. If you would like the option of having a game that only pulls from your preferred pictures, ensure they are in their own folder within Images. If you would like them intermixed with the default pictures, they do not need to be within their own folder.

  6. Open EEger and locate the Tools tab along the top of the EEGer home screen. Click on Game Initialization Tool.

  7. A new window should appear listing all of your games in EEGer. Double click on 4mation.

  8. Another new window should appear displaying many different cells that alternate color between light blue and light yellow. Locate line 1101: List of Possible Directories and double click on it.

  9. This will present a list of directories currently used for 4mation games. Click Add. In the window that appears, find the folder in which you've saved your photos. Click the folder to highlight it, click OK, then click Done on the list of possible directories.

  10. Click Done-Save Changes at the bottom of the options list. Click SAVE all games at the bottom of the menu that follows.

  11. You will now have a new game available for both live and replay sessions. Note that whatever name you have given the folder that contains your customized pictures will be included in the name of this new game. For instance if you named the picture file your patient's name, the new game would now read 4mation Your patient's name.

  12. To change this, locate the Tools tab along the top of the EEGer home screen. Click on Tailor Installed Games.

  13. Click on the Edit button next to the new game's name.

  14. Locate line 2: What You want to call this tailored game. Click on the game name to the right of this.

  15. A new window will appear that allows to you rename this game. Enter your preferred name, then click OK.

  16. Click Create new selection, then click SAVE all games.

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