1. To create a new client, select Client>>Create New Client ID from the home screen's top toolbar. This will open a window with a list of existing clients.
  2. Enter your client's code name in the pink text box in this window. The code name is simply a way to organize client data. The client's actual name will be entered in the next step. Code names must be 1-31 characters, start with a letter, and contain no spaces or punctuation. The underscore (_) and dash (-) are acceptable symbols in a client's code name.
  3. Once you've entered a satisfactory name, the textbox should change from pink to white.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Enter the client's full name, birthday (formatted DD/MM/YYYY), gender, protocol class, custom session plans in the dialogue boxes that appear.

You can edit all of this information in the future by selecting Client>>Edit Details for Existing Client from the top toolbar on EEGer's home screen.

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