EEGer allows you to create custom presets for electrode placement and frequency bands. These are known as "filter presets," and allow you to quickly modify and build new sessions or adopt new techniques for existing clients.

To create or edit a filter preset:

  1. From EEGer's main menu, navigate to:
    Client>>Custom Session Plans>>[protocol class whose filters you'd like to edit]>> Edit [protocol class] filter presets.
  2. Select the trace layout you'd like to create a custom filter for.
  3. Click New on the menu with the list of existing filter presets. Alternatively, select an existing filter preset and click Edit if you'd simply like to edit an existing filter.
  4. Select the feedback mode for your new filter preset and hit OK. You will be brought to a session planning screen.
    Note: advanced feedback modes (such as psync) can be found by clicking the Advanced button in this dialogue.
  5. Adjust electrode placement and frequency bands, as covered in Session Planning Basics.
  6. Leave a meaningful comment in the box labeled Comment so that you can identify this filter preset when you want to add it to a session plan.
  7. Hit OK at the bottom of the menu when you've finished.
    If you get a warning message that reads Invalid preset, you have not specified electrode placement for your preset.
  8. Hit Done at the bottom of the Choose preset dialogue.
  9. Congratulations you've successfully created a preset. To learn how to select a preset in a session plan, proceed to the following section.
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