Several games by Zukor Interactive feature a scoring system that allows for point-based unlocking of new items within the game such as stages, or cosmetics. The amount of points required can be changed within the game’s settings, and can be different for each client if desired.

Some clinicians find this feature to promote focus during training and motivates clients to return to continue progressing. Other clinicians worry that this feature restricts the feedback possibilities for their client. If desired, this feature can be adjusted or disabled within the settings.

  1. Open Zukor Launcher (via Desktop or EEGer)
  2. Select the game from the Zukor Launcher.
  3. Choose a client profile and a modality within Zukor - the game’s main menu should now open.
  4. Navigate to Options and locate the section for Scoring.
  5. Adjust the settings as desired, then press OK to return to the Options menu.
  6. Close the Options menu to return to Zukor’s main screen.
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