Sometimes new software or operating system updates will interfere with the proper function of games. It is sometimes necessary to uninstall and re-install EEGer game components in order to get them working properly again. The following steps will guide you through that process.

The DVDgame requires you to install the DVDgame itself and a separate media player either MPC or VLC media player.

  1. To ensure that you have the correct versions of MPC and/or VLC media players visit our Downloads page, download the MPC/VLC version listed there, and install.

    Make sure to follow any special installation and/or configuration instructions detailed on the Downloads page.

Test to see if DVDgame works after installing the correct version of MPC/VLC. If not, proceed to the next steps.

To uninstall the old version of DVDgame and re-install the newest version of DVDgame:

  1. Close EEGer if it is open.
  2. Open the Windows Control Panel (you can locate this by using the Start menu's search feature).
  3. In the Control Panel, locate "Uninstall a Program" and click it.
  4. In the list of programs that follows locate "DVDgame" and click uninstall.
  5. Using Windows File Explorer, navigate to C:/EEGer/Games.
  6. If there is a folder in this directory labeled "DVDgame," right click the folder and select delete.

    This folder may not exist. If this folder is not present, continue to the next step.

  7. Visit our Downloads page to download the most recent version of DVDgame.
  8. Once the file is downloaded, install it.
  9. Open EEGer. From the home screen's top toolbar, select Tools>>Game Initialization Tool.
  10. You should see DVD game in the list of games that comes up. Select Done-Save Configuration at the bottom of the menu.
  11. In the following menu, select SAVE all games at the bottom of the menu.
  12. Test the DVDgame by replaying a session of sample data.
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