EEG Spectrum International, the previous distributor of the EEGer4 software, set expirations on many dongles that will cause them to stop working after 12/31/2019. We believe that any dongle number prior to 52200 may require this update in order to remain operational. If your license is expiring in addition to your dongle, please see more information on this article.

To update your dongle expiration beyond 12/31/19, please follow the below instructions. If you have any trouble updating your dongle, please feel free to send an email to

Step-by-step directions for the Dongle Expiration Tool
  1. Download kupd.exe
    1. This can be done from the EEGer support site. Click here.
    2. If your EEGer computer is on the internet, the next part is simple. Download and save somewhere easy to find, like the desktop.
    3. If your EEGer computer is not online, you will need to first download and then move the program to the EEGer computer.
  2. Run the program.
    1. Make sure the correct keyfile is installed. Without the correct, matching keyfile on the computer, the dongle expiration tool will fail.
    2. Plug in the EEGer dongle.
    3. Open kupd.exe -- a small window appears.
    4. One of three things will happen.
      1. Incorrect keyfile. You will need to install the matching keyfile to proceed. Click Quit.
      2. Dongle is not expiring at the end of 2019. No updates are necessary.
      3. Dongle is set to expire. Message will say Rewrite needed. Click Apply.
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