Microsoft Edge is a default web browser included on Windows computers. It can be used to download EEGer and compatible games from EEGer’s support site.

On some systems, Microsoft Edge may flag downloads from the EEGer support site as unsafe. This can also happen when downloading EEGer files from emails. When this happens, the user typically has to prompt Microsoft Edge to keep the file for the download to be completed.

  1. Begin downloading the file, then click the downloads arrow in the top right of Microsoft Edge.
  2. As the download gets close to finishing, a warning message will display saying the file is not commonly downloaded.
  3. Hover the mouse cursor over the file, then click the three dots that appear to the right. This will open a dropdown menu. Select Keep from the dropdown list.
  4. A larger warning will appear in the top right of the window. Click Show More at the bottom of the warning.
  5. Select Keep Anyway to complete the download.
  6. After the download has completed, click Open file to begin the installer or open the file.
    Note: Home Use client files must be opened from within EEGer, they can not be opened from within Microsoft Edge.
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