Game Description

Orb is a visually stunning game featuring an elemental orb floating in an abstract environment. As the player remains in a reward state the orb will morph into a star-like crystal shape.

Orb provides visual feedback to users in three ways: an elemental orb in the center of the screen, a speedometer-like progress bar, and individual meter bars for each trace. When in a reward state, the speedometer bar progresses, and the orb glows and transforms into more complex and engaging shapes. As the client comes out of a reward state, rather than resetting, the speedometer returns to the last highlighted checkpoint. A new level with more special effects is triggered with every full rotation of the speedometer. At higher levels, powerful atmospheric effects, such as a whirlwind, indicate that the player has progressed. They are not part of the active feedback, however. As the client comes out of a reward state, rather than resetting, the speedometer returns to the last highlighted checkpoint.

The default time (10s) necessary to remain on task in order to proceed to the next level can be increased or decreased if clients find the feedback too difficult or too easy or to facilitate varying lengths in session plans.

Orb includes five unique element types: Water, Wind, Ice, Lightning, and Fire. When installing Orb, the default is the Water scene, but this default can be changed both during installation and later in the Tailor Installed Games tool. If clients find that there is too much information on the screen to focus, the transparency of the speedometer and the trace meter bars can also be adjusted in the Tailor Installed Games tool and can even be turned off altogether.

Game Options

  • Game ambient sound
  • Game reward sound
  • Orb element
  • Time on task to proceed to next level
  • Speedometer transparency
  • Trace meter transparency
  • Option to hide speedometer
  • Option to hide trace meters
  • Option to choose new element in game


  1. Navigate to EEGer's support site.
  2. Download Orb: Elements by clicking the version link in the second column.
    1. If the computer used with EEGer does not have access to the internet, download the game onto another device and transfer the installer to the EEGer computer using an external storage device (hard drive, flash drive, etc.).
  3. Run the Orb: Elements installer and click Yes or OK when prompted.
    1. If prompted, restart your computer.
  4. Ensure that the latest enabling keyfile for the EEGer license is installed.
  5. Open EEGer and navigate to Tools>Game Initialization Tool.
  6. Click Done-Save Configuration at the bottom of the menu.
  7. Click SAVE all games at the bottom of the next menu.
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