Software Minimum Requirements

Before installing EEGer, ensure that the computer meets the minimum requirements. The most important requirements are that the computer:

  • Uses a Supported Windows Operating System
    Note: EEGer is not compatible with Macs or Chromebooks.
  • Has At Least Two USB Ports
    Note: Three or more USB ports are recommended.
  • Has an HDMI Port (to connect to an external monitor)
    Note: An HDMI port is not needed in all cases, see this article.

Preparing the Computer

Before installing EEGer, the computer should be prepared to ensure that the installation process goes smoothly. This article provides information about each part of the computer that should be adjusted.

Installing EEGer (Latest Version)

Follow these instructions to download the latest version of EEGer. In most cases, EEG Store recommends downloading and installing the latest version. For instructions on installing older versions, please contact EEG Store.

  1. Disconnect the EEG amplifier and EEGer Security Dongle from the computer if connected. We will reconnect these at a later stage.

  2. Download the installer for the latest version of the EEGer software from EEGer’s download page.
    Direct Link:


    Note: Depending on the web browser, the download may be marked as unsafe. Click Keep or Save Anyway to allow the file to download.

  3. Once the download is finished, run the EEGer installer. The default installation settings are okay and do not need to be adjusted. Click NextInstallOK, and Finish when prompted.

  4. After completing the installer, a shortcut should be created on the desktop labeled EEGer. This is how we will open the software after preparing the system.

Configuring EEGer

  1. Connect the EEG amplifier and EEGer Security Dongle to the computer.
    Note: Some models of amplifiers (such as the Neurobit Optima amplifiers) require the amplifier’s physical power button to be pressed for the amplifier to turn on.
  2. If additional games have been purchased, install them now.
    Note: Certain bundles, such as the Premium EEGer Training Kit, include additional games that should be installed at this stage.
  3. Open EEGer from the shortcut on the computer's desktop.
  4. When EEGer is opened for the first time, several prompts will appear. Click OK to these prompts as they appear to get to EEGer's main screen.
  5. If not already installed, install the enabling keyfile for the EEGer Security Dongle to unlock the software.

Running the Game Initialization Tool

If additional games have been installed, the Game Initialization Tool will need to be run in order for EEGer to ‘see’ the new games. See this article for instructions.

Note: On some computers, this step may be necessary even if no additional games were installed. A message will appear in the center of EEGer’s main screen prompting the user to run the Game Initialization Tool if this step is required.

Adjusting Power Filter Settings

By default, EEGer is configured for use in the United States and Canada. If using EEGer outside of these countries, adjustments may be necessary to allow EEGer to filter out electrical interference. See this article for configuration instructions and additional information.

Setting EEGer to Dual Display Mode

If an external monitor is being used with EEGer, configure EEGer to be in Dual Display mode.

Note: This step may have already been completed as part of the Preparing the Computer section above.

Configuring EEGer for the Amplifier

In the latest version of the software, EEGer will automatically configure itself for the amplifier if it is connected during startup. In some cases, this may not happen automatically. See this article for additional configuration instructions and information.

At this stage, no error messages should be present in the center of EEGer's main screen. If errors are present, repeat the steps under Preparing the Computer and Configuring EEGer. If errors persist, contact EEG Store for assistance.

Testing EEGer with a Replay Session

Running a replay session is helpful to verify that the system is properly configured. This is also a great way for new users to explore the software and what it has to offer. Follow the instructions in this article to run a replay session using prerecorded data.

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