The red bars represent the time elapsed (in seconds) during a period and the blue bars represent the score achieved during a period.

EEGer will automatically scale these to have the bar with the highest value reach the top of the screen, meaning that it is perfectly normal for the bars to reach the top. If all of your periods are the same length (such as the default length of 170 seconds), all of these red bars will be at the top of the screen.

The important thing to pay attention to here is the relationship between the blue bar and the red bar. If the client were receiving a reward at a rate of 1 reward every 1 second the blue and red bars would be equal. If they were receiving a reward of 1 reward every 2 seconds, the blue bar would be half the height of the red bar. If they were receiving 1 reward every 0.5 seconds, the blue bar would be twice the height of the red bar.

In short, the higher the blue bar is in relation to the red bar, the higher the rate of rewards the client was scoring during that particular period. Of course, this is only one metric of success and does not take into account how effectively the client was inhibiting other frequencies, etc.

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