Some clinicians may be intimidated by the differences between the home use software and the clinical software they are familiar with. While the changes between the two modes are minor, it can still be difficult to provide troubleshooting if you are unfamiliar with what the changes are.

To help clinicians learn the home use software, EEGer allows the clinician to toggle their software between clinical and home use modes as needed. This is an invaluable tool for troubleshooting purposes, as well as training new home-users on how to use the software. We encourage all clinicians to explore the differences between the modes using this feature, as we have found it instrumental in confidently troubleshooting problems the home-user may encounter.

Toggle Between License Modes (Clinical and Home Use)

  1. Open EEGer on the clinical computer and navigate to Options>EEGer Configuration Options>Special from the top toolbar of the main screen of EEGer.
  2. Check 10 Force EEGer into remote-use license mode for training to switch between clinical and home use modes.
  3. Click Close preferences window in the bottom right - you will be prompted to restart the software for the changes to be applied.
  4. While in home use mode, a message will display at the bottom of EEGer's main screen which reads FORCED REMOTE TRAINING MODE - please note that this will restrict clinical mode functionality when applied.
  5. To change back from forced home use mode to clinical, repeat Steps 1-3 instead unchecking the box labelled 10 Force EEGer into remote-use license mode for training.
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