Games that appear in the game selection menu with a pink background have not been enabled on your system for use in live sessions. Games with pink backgrounds indicate that these games can be used in demonstration mode. For more information on Demonstration mode, please refer to this article.

If you have purchased a game but it still appears with a pink background in the game selection menu, try the following troubleshooting steps.

  1. Close the software and disconnect your EEGer dongle. Reconnect the dongle to the computer and reopen the software. Obserbe if the game still appears with a pink background. The dongle must be connected to the computer prior to the software being opened, otherwise the software can not verify which games are enabled to be used.
  2. Ensure that the latest keyfile has been installed. If you recently purchased a game, a new keyfile should be issued that enables the game on your system. The keyfiles can be installed simply by double-clciking the file once they have been downloaded to the computer (or transferred using an external storage device).
  3. Verify that the correct keyfile for your dongle has been installed. If you have multiple dongles, or are involved with home use, it is possible that a keyfile for a different EEGer license was accidentally installed. Verify the five-digit number on your EEGer dongle and ensure that the latest keyfile you received matches it. Reinstall the latest keyfile and close and reopen the software, observing if the game now shows up properly.
  4. The game may not have been properly installed onto the computer. Refer to the instructions you were sent when you purchased the game or our KBAs on installing new games.
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