There are many ways to get started with EEGer depending on the needs of you and your practice. Below is pricing information for some of the options that are available.
What You Need Basic Package (Non-FDA Approved Amplifier) Advanced Package (FDA-Approved Amplifier)
EEGer Software License $5150.00 or as low as $75.00/month $5150.00 or as low as $75.00/month
2-Channel or 4-Channel EEG Amplifier $595.00 to $995.00 $1200.00 to $1800.00
Paste/Gel/Sensors $110.00 to $250.00 $110.00 to $250.00
Windows Computer (Minimum Requirements Use Your Own! Use Your Own!
External Monitor Use Your Own! Use Your Own!
Total: $5855.00 to $6395.00 $6460.00 to $7200.00 
We are commited to providing our users with affordable options to start their jorney with neurofeedback training. Please contact us to discuss available discounts and additional options that are available!
For a more comperhensive overview of pricing, see here
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