What Do I Need to Get Started?

Practicing neurofeedback requires EEG equipment and software. The equipment reads incoming signals and sends it to the software, which in turn translates that into feedback. Supplies, like paste and gel, are also needed to prepare for, perform, and clean up after a session.

An EEGer Home Use System uses the same software and equipment that a Clinical EEGer system does. This can help lower the cost of getting started if the clinician has spare equipment that can be used. Otherwise, EEG Store offers bundles that include what’s needed to get started with neurofeedback training.

In short, the following items are needed:

  • A Windows Computer to Run the Software
    • We recommend a laptop that exceeds the minimum requirements.
  • An External Monitor for Displaying the Game
    • This is optional, but strongly recommended.
  • EEG Amplifier & Electrodes
  • An EEGer Security Dongle
    • This ‘unlocks’ the software and allows for live training.
  • Supplies Such as Conductive Paste & Skin Prep Gel
    • Additional supplies like disinfecting wipes are also recommended.

The Home Use Subscription Bundles include everything needed to get started excluding the computer and external monitor, which must be provided by the user. Items can also be purchased individually if the clinician or user already has some or all of the equipment needed or would like to purchase items like electrodes or supplies from a third-party vendor.

What Does it Cost?

Pricing information for our Home Use Bundles are included below, as well as pricing for the Home Use License by itself:

Two-Channel Subscription Bundle Pricing

Equipment Price: $1000.00
Monthly Subscription: $95.00

  • Includes Amplifier, Electrodes, and samples of paste & gel.
  • Monthly payments ongoing for duration of use.
  • Start or stop subscription as needed.

Four-Channel Subscription Bundle Pricing

Equipment Price: $1475.00
Four-Channel Enable: $220 No Charge
Monthly Subscription: $95.00

  • Includes Amplifier, Electrodes, and samples of paste & gel.
  • Monthly payments ongoing for duration of use.
  • Start or stop subscription as needed.

Two-Channel Home Use License Only

License Deposit: $100
Monthly Subscription: $95.00

  • Perfect for users who own some or all of the equipment needed.
  • Additional equipment can be purchased separately.

Four-Channel Home Use License Only

License Deposit: $100
Four-Channel Enable: $220
Monthly Subscription: $95.00

  • Perfect for users who own some or all of the equipment needed.
  • Additional equipment can be purchased separately.

To proceed with placing an order please write to us with the following information:

Home User’s Name:
Supervising Clinician’s Name:
Which Option You’re Interested In:

Our staff is also happy to schedule a time to review these options directly over the phone or Zoom to help determine which options are the best fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does The Clinician or Home-User Purchase the Equipment?

    Both options are available depending on the preferences of the clinician and home-user.

    Supervising Clinician Purchases the Bundle

    The supervising clinician (or their practice) own the equipment and software license. This allows the system to be preconfigured and rented or loaned to clients for the duration of training. When training is completed, the equipment can be returned and then provided to a different home-user.

    This is a popular method of purchasing Home Use Systems as it allows for the cost of the system to be more easily built into the cost of training. This also means that the client is not charged separately by EEG Store, making the process simpler for the client.

    As the clinician owns the equipment and license, they can complete the entire purchase process on their own without the home-user being involved. This ensures that the client only provides their payment and shipping information to their supervising clinician. For some clients, this may help to reduce their anxiety about getting started with training. Some clients also prefer the simplicity and privacy that this method offers.

    Home-User Purchases the Bundle

    This is a great option for clients who are comfortable interacting with EEG Store directly. In this scenario the client (home-user) would own both the equipment and the software license. A supervising clinician is still required in this scenario to provide session permissions and supervise use of the equipment.

  • What Is the Difference Between Four-Channel and Two-Channel Training?

    Four-Channel training allows for more electrodes to be placed on the scalp at one time. This allows for more data to be measured at once, which can allow for more complex training protocols.

    Amplifiers that allow for four-channel training are slightly more expensive than their two-channel counterparts, but function similarly. Four-Channel amplifiers can still be used for single-channel or two-channel training but add the ability to train up to four-channels at once.

    Choosing between two-channel or four-channel training depends on the type of training being done and is a question to discuss with the supervising clinician before purchasing equipment.

    Investing in a four-channel amplifier is a good decision if there is the possibility of doing that type of training in the future but is by no means required. Many users find success with only single-channel or two-channel training.

  • Is There Additional Information About Getting Started with Home Use?

    For a full overview of Home Use with EEGer, including additional information about getting started, please refer to this checklist.

  • Is There a Minimum Subscription Length?

    No, there is no minimum subscription requirement for Clinical or Home Use EEGer Licenses. Licenses are renewed on a monthly basis at the start of the month and can be cancelled and restarted at any time.

    We understand that the future can sometimes be uncertain, and that it may not be clear when starting out how long training will last or if something may come up that either puts it on hold or no longer requires it, like returning to in-person sessions.

  • Can Multiple Home-Users Use the Same EEGer License?

    EEGer does not place restrictions on the number of clients that can be used on a Home Use System, and the monthly subscription cost does not increase based on the number of clients (as other programs do).

    This makes Home Use with EEGer easily scalable for families or households where multiple individuals will be receiving neurofeedback training supervised remotely by a clinician.

  • Do Extra Sessions Cost More Money?

    EEGer does not place restrictions on the number of sessions that can be run on a Home Use System, and the monthly subscription cost does not increase based on the number of sessions.

    Control over the number and type of sessions allowed is given fully to the supervising clinician. The supervising clinician creates Home Use Client files which tell the system how many sessions can be run and when they expire. These permissions can be set on a client-by-client basis depending on the type and intensity of training.

  • What Happens When the Equipment is No Longer Needed?

    There are a variety of reasons that a Supervising Clinician or Home-User may decide to stop training. In these situations, there are a number of things that can happen:

    • EEG Store offers buyback options on select pieces of equipment, such as the EEG amplifier and EEGer Security Dongle.
    • If the bundle was purchased by the clinician, they can lend the equipment to another client for home use training.
    • If the bundle was purchased by the home-user they can transfer the license to the clinician for use with other clients.
    • The software license can remain deactivated until training resumes in the future.
  • Can The Supervising Clinician Be Changed?

    In some cases, it may be appropriate to transfer supervision of a Home Use system from one clinician to another. This is possible, but the exact process varies depending on whether the clinician or the home-user purchases the equipment. In either case, EEG Store is available to assist with the process to ensure that training can continue.

  • Will EEG Store Provide Support for Setting up a Home Use System?

    EEG Store is available to provide onboarding support for the supervising clinician, as well as troubleshooting any initial technical issues that are encountered getting started with training. Remote configuration assistance for the home use system is available for an additional charge.

  • Can EEG Store Help Find a Clinician to Work with for Home Use?

    EEG Store is more than happy to recommend EEGer clinicians in your area. Please write to us with your location and we can provide recommendations.

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