To run a home use session, EEGer requires a dongle to be connected to the computer and for a matching keyfile to be installed. Home use keyfiles will be sent directly to the supervising clinician by email with basic installation instructions. It is the responsibility of the supervising clinician to send this keyfile to their home-user and provide any assistance required to install the keyfile onto their computer. Home use keyfiles are installed in the same way that clinical keyfile are installed. The home use keyfile will still work as intended if it is accidentally installed by the supervising clinician onto their clinical system. To revert any changes to the clinical system in the event that this happens, please reinstall your latest clinical keyfile and close and reopen the software.

Annually renewing home use licenses will display a warning 30 days prior to the license expiring, indicating to the user that a renewal keyfile needs to be requested from EEG Store. This request should come from the supervising clinician of the license to verify that the license is still under supervision and that the supervising clinician has not changesd. Home use licenses on a monthly lease-to-own or subscription plan are set to renew on the 7th of each month, with payments being processed on the 1st. Once payment has been completed, a new keyfile will be sent to be installed by the home-user.

Instructions on how to install a new keyfile can be found here.

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