This article details the process for downgrading EEGer to a previous software version. For instructions for different installation scenarios, please refer to the articles linked below.

  • For instructions on performing a first-time installation of EEGer, see this article.
  • For instructions on transferring EEGer from one computer to another, see this article.
  • For instructions on upgrading an existing installation of EEGer, see this article.

EEG Store always recommends using the latest version of the EEGer software when possible. In certain instances, it may be recommended to downgrade EEGer. This includes:

  • If the EEGer license is enabled for the 43 Software Branch, but a 44 Software Branch version has been installed.
  • A technical issue is being experienced that is resolved by downgrading.

Downgrading From EEGer 440t or Later

When downgrading from 440t or Later to a previous version of the 44 branch, it is safe to install over the existing EEGer folder. If downgrading to the 43 software branch, please see the next section of this article.

  1. Before starting the installation process, disconnect the EEGer Security Dongle and EEG Amplifier if they are connected to the computer. They will be reconnected at a later stage of the installation process.
  2. Download the desired version of EEGer from the software’s support site.
    1. Direct Link:
  3. On some web browsers the download may be marked as unsafe. If this occurs, the download must be manually completed:
    1. Open the web browser’s downloads section. This page can be accessed by pressing Ctrl+J on the keyboard.
    2. Expand the options for the download and click Keep or Save Anyway as needed to allow the file to download.
  4. Once the download has finished, locate and run the installer. By default, the installer should be saved to the computer’s Downloads folder.
  5. Windows may prompt to allow the installer to run. Click Yes to begin the installation process.
  6. The EEGer installer will open. The default installation settings are okay and do not need to be adjusted. Click NextInstallOK, and Finish when prompted to install EEGer.

After EEGer has been installed, the Downgrade Utility must be run on the computer. This will clean up any leftover files from the new EEGer version and will help to correct possible errors.

  1. Navigate to the EEGer Support Site and download the InstallDowngrade Downgrade Utility.
  2. Once downloaded, run the downgrade utility. Click through the prompts to complete the process of downgrading EEGer.
  3. Once completed, Open EEGer - the software should now be downgraded successfully to the appropriate version.
    Note: Additional steps may be needed to configure the software for the EEG amplifier, or to identify installed games. In most cases, EEGer will preserve these settings and no additional configuration is required.

Downgrading From EEGer 440s or Earlier / Downgrading to 43 Software Branch

Downgrading to old versions of the software requires the existing EEGer folder to be renamed to prevent errors and data loss. Please contact EEG Store for assistance with this process.

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