For EEGer to properly function, the Windows taskbar must be set to autohide. This does not remove the taskbar, but simply hides it until the cursor is moved to the bottom of the screen. Hiding the taskbar ensures that EEGer can properly display information to the user. To set the taskbar to autohide, follow the instructions below:

  1. Locate the taskbar. By default, the taskbar displays at the bottom of the screen. The taskbar will have a Windows icon in the bottom left, usually the time in date in the bottom right, and several program icons.
  2. Right-click anywhere on the taskbar to display a menu of actions.
  3. Click on Taskbar Settings to open the Windows Settings app.
  4. Locate and toggle on the option to Automatically hide the taskbar in desktop mode.
  5. Once this setting has been toggled on, the taskbar should slide down out of view. To see the taskbar again, move the cursor to the bottom of the screen.
  6. Close the Windows Settings app - you are now ready to use EEGer!

Additional Resources

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