The license transfer process includes more than just access to the EEGer software. Two primary additions to clinical license transfers are the inclusion of complementary tech support, and a free upgrade to the latest branch of EEGer.

Ensuring that new users have a solid understanding of the software is important to us, which is why we now include three months of complementary tech support with new license transfers. In the past, we have seen clinicians resell their systems to new users of EEGer who, because of their inexperience, are more prone to needing help with the software and support when they encounter an equipment issue. Some of these new clinicians have simply given up when they encounter a problem with the software or equipment they were resold, which we believe is tremendously unfortunate. Even users benefiting from the guidance of an experienced clinician can find it helpful to pick up the phone and contact support.

The most popular bundle purchased by new users is the configured bundle, which includes three months of complementary tech support. We have found that clinicians who purchase these bundles are much more likely to continue using the software when they encounter an issue compared to clinicians who have started using the software after performing a license transfer. This can partially be attributed to the included support package. Learning the software is easier when you know there is a dedicated support staff available to answer any questions or resolve issues.

To ensure new clinicians (and their clients!) benefit the most from using EEGer, license transfers include a complementary upgrade to the latest branch of the software. In the example of an experienced clinician reselling an old system to a new EEGer user, it's likely that the license they're transferring may be licensed to an outdated or even unsupported version of the software. This puts another hurdle in the way of new users, as the version they're using could vary dramatically from the one they used during training or that of their mentor. This compounds the likelihood of them encountering an error with the software. This sends a bad message to their clients about the neurofeedback experience, and makes the new user more likely to give up or dislike working with the software. The latest branch of the software benefits from a wide assortment of new features and improvements over older branches, and is what is included with newly purchased licenses. 

Combined with expanded financing options for new bundle purchases, our goal is to make EEGer accessible to all new course attendees regardless of how they choose to purchase the software. By doing this, we hope to get more clinicians involved with and comfortable using the software so that they can help more clients and continue growing the neurofeedback community. Part of the proceeds from license transfers go directly toward funding training opportunities and events such as the Neurofeedback Interchange Conference and introductory training courses.

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