1. Download the drivers for your amplifier here: http://support.eeger.com/files/AlphaAmp_W7_64.exe
  2. Before you run this installer, ensure that your amplifier is not plugged in to the computer.
  3. Run the installer. Once you have finished installing the drivers, connect your amplifier into the computer.
  4. Open EEGer. Select a client and begin a session. In the lower right corner of the wave screen, you should see OK with a green background — this indicates EEGer is successfully communicating with your amplifier. If you see NONE with a red background, EEGer is still having trouble communicating with your amplifier. Exit the session and ensure that the amplifier is connected to the computer and the USB LED is illuminated. 
  5. If you are still having issues getting the amplifier to communicate with EEGer, unplug both the dongle and the amplifier, and re-install EEGer.
  6. After the installation is complete, plug the dongle and amplifier back in and retest the amplifier.
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