Please follow the instructions below to install DVDGame onto a system - please note that EEGer must be set to dual display mode in order to use DVDGame.
Adjusting Display Mode: Link

Installing DVDGame

  1. Close EEGer if it is open.
  2. Download the DVDGame installer from our Downloads Page
  3. Once the download has finished, run the DVDGame installer. 
  4. Complete the installation process using the default settings. 
  5. If neccesarry, ensure that the latest enabling keyfile is installed. This keyfile will 'unlock' the software and allow for live sessions, as well as enabling additional games or features if purchased/installed. This can also be done from within the software as needed.

Next, a media player that is compatible with EEGer and DVDGame must be installed. There are a few different programs and compatible versions that can be used. 

Installing VLC Player

  1. Download VLC version 2.0.8 from our Downloads Page (link in the left column)
  2. Run the VLC installer and complete it using the default installation settings. At the end of the installer, a prompt will allow VLC player to be opened.
  3. After VLC player opens, a smaller window will appear to specify important configuration settings.
  4. Disable autochecking for updates, as well as downloading media data.

Next, disable AutoPlay from the Windows Settings. This will prevent Windows from interfering with DVDGame.

The following instructions apply to Windows 10:

  1. Click the Windows Start button on the bottom taskbar.
  2. Type AutoPlay in the search bar.
  3. AutoPlay Settings should appear - click this.
  4. In the menu that follows, turn off the option that says Use AutoPlay for all media and devices.
If a particular media player or version does not work, it is recommended to fully uninstall the media player and attempt to download and install an alternative version or media player.

Game Initialization Tool

Finally, to allow EEGer to recognize the new game, the Game Initialization Tool must be ran. The process for this is as follows:

  1. Open EEGer and navigate to Tools>Game Initialization Tool from the top toolbar of EEGer's main screen. 
  2. After a moment, a list of installed games should appear. Click Done-Save Configuration at the bottom of the menu.
  3. Click SAVE all games at the bottom of the next menu and return to EEGer's main screen.
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