License Expired:
For a number of reasons, an EEGer clinical user may end up with a keyfile that is expired. If you are on a monthly subscription, you should receive a new keyfile at the beginning of the month that will renew your license till the next month.  If this is not installed, or if an older keyfile was installed afterwards, you will get a message saying License Expired.  Please make sure your latest keyfile is installed.

There is also a yearly renewal that most EEGer licenses need to function.  This message will be proceeded with a warning to contact the Store for an update, but if you have not used your EEGer system for a few months, you might miss the prompt.

License not Installed/License Does not Match Dongle:

If this is a fresh install of EEGer on a new computer, you will get this message until a keyfile is installed for the appropriate dongle.  You can also get this message if an incorrect keyfile was installed afterwards.  This is more common in clinics and institutions that have more than one license or clinicians that have home users.

For this and other license related issues, make sure the most recent keyfile is installed for the appropriate license number, and if you are still getting an error message, contact the tech support team at EEG Store.

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