Starting on the old computer where the old client files are located:

  1. Find a USB flash drive or an external hard drive with sufficient storage available (a few GBs, minimum)
  2. Plug the drive into the computer.
  3. Open the Windows File Explorer (not to be confused with Internet Explorer).
  4. Open the folder C:\EEGer.
  5. Right click the folder labeled "CLIENTS" and select Copy.
  6. Open the USB flash drive in file explorer. Right click any blank spot in the flash drive and select Paste.
  7. Wait for the data to finish transferring, then safely eject the drive from the computer.

On the New Computer:

  1. Plug in the USB flash drive into the new computer. Open the flash drive in File Explorer.
  2. Find the CLIENTS folder on the flash drive and open it. Here you will see the list of clients, each client has their own folder with their name as the title.
  3. Select all (either by clicking and dragging the cursor over the folders or by pressing ctrl+a) the client folders then right click and select copy. (Make sure you actually have all of the client folders selected.)
  4. Next, find the EEGer folder in the new computer (C:/EEGer).
  5. Once in the EEGer folder, open the "CLIENTS" folder. Once in the CLIENTS folder, right click and select paste to paste all of the client data we just copied from the USB flash drive.

Note: You may have some clients with the same name (Such as EEG Demo). Be careful if you have actual clients saved on your new system with the same name as on your old system. You may end up replacing the ones on your new system with the ones on your old system. For clients like "EEG Demo", you don't have to worry since they are just sample data. But for actual clients you may need to change the names in order to copy the client data correctly.

You have now Successfully copied your client files from one computer to the next, but there is one more important step.

  1. Open EEGer, on the top menu select Client >> Rebuild Client Index File.
  2. Restart EEGer.
  3. Now you are done. Go ahead and check to make sure your clients were transferred by left clicking Select Client and seeing if all the clients are available to be selected.

If you still cannot see your clients in EEGer on your new computer, please ensure that the copied CLIENTS folder has not been accidentally nested within the existing folder. In short, if you've done everything correctly, the directory C:/EEGer/CLIENTS/CLIENTS should not exist.

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