When EEGer is unable to communicate with a Neurobit amplifier, it will report a red XSYNC issue in the bottom right corner of the wave screen. There are a variety of reasons this error may appear, including:

Amplifier Not Connected

If the amplifier is not connected to the computer, EEGer will not be able to receive data from it. Ensure the amplifier is connected to the computer with its cable. If using an external USB hub, try exiting the session and connecting the amplifier directly to the computer instead. When the device is connected, try running a session again.

Amplifier Not Powered On

The Optima devices have a physical power button that must be turned on in order for data to be transmitted. The button is found on the amplifier’s top case and should emit a small chime sound when pressed.

Amplifier Not Configured

EEGer must know what type of amplifier is connected to receive data. In recent versions of the software, EEGer should automatically detect the amplifier when the software is opened. If the amplifier was not connected when EEGer opened, or there is another issue, the amplifier may need to be reconfigured. See this article for more information and troubleshooting steps.

Amplifier Stuck On

In rare circumstances, Optima devices can be stuck on if EEGer crashes or fails to properly exit a session while the amplifier is connected. This will cause an XSYNC error to appear when running a session and will cause the Optima’s LEDs to remain illuminated even while out of a session.

To correct this issue, exit the session and disconnect the amplifier from its power cable for a few seconds. EEGer should also be closed at this stage. This allows the amplifier to power down and, when reconnected to the computer and powered on, should allow it to be used with EEGer once the software is reopened.

Drivers Not Installed

Amplifiers and other devices use special files called drivers to talk to the computer. If the device’s driver is not installed, this prevents EEGer from ‘seeing’ the device and talking to it. For information on manually installing Optima drivers, see this article.

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