In some instances, EEGer may be unable to communicate with its core games when in Single Monitor mode. This happens most often when the computer is in Dual Monitor mode, but no external monitor is connected. In these instances EEGer will put itself into ‘forced’ Single Monitor mode, which may cause problems communicating with the games.

To troubleshoot this issue:

  1. Close and reopen EEGer, then try running a session with a different game. Observe if feedback is present when toggling to the game with spacebar.
  2. Restart the computer completely, then attempt to run a session. Observe if the issue has been resolved.
  3. Switch EEGer from Dual Monitor to Single Monitor mode and observe if this resolves the issue. From the top toolbar of EEGer's main screen, navigate to Options>EEGer Configuration Options. In the menu that appears, change 1 System Display Mode to Single monitor.
  4. If issues persist, contact EEG Store for assistance.
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