Game Description

Postcards features multiple charming scenes with stylistic art styles we are used to seeing on our refrigerators. Each postcard begins relatively bare. As the client earns rewards, themed objects appear and complete the scene. A central object acts as a fixed focal point and a gauge for the client's current performance. In the Forest and Fall scenes, a campfire burns brightly when in a reward state and slowly fades to an ember when out of it. The Summer scene features a clam shell that opens and closes when in and out of a reward state. For the Winter scene twin lampposts glow and fade when meeting the criteria or not. Additional feedback is provided by trace meters in the top right that display real-time amplitude information. At the end of each period, the user has the ability to start the scene over or select a new scene.

Scenes Include:

  • Summer
  • Winter
  • Fall
  • Forest

Game Options

  • Game ambient sound
  • Game reward sound
  • Amount of rewards required to provide new animation
  • Veggie mode for Forest scene


  1. Navigate to EEGer's support site.
  2. Download Postcards by clicking the version link in the second column.
    1. If the computer used with EEGer does not have access to the internet, download the game onto another device and transfer the installer to the EEGer computer using an external storage device (hard drive, flash drive, etc.).
  3. Run the Postcards installer and click Yes or OK when prompted.
    1. If prompted, restart your computer.
  4. Ensure that the latest enabling keyfile for the EEGer license is installed.
  5. Open EEGer and navigate to Tools>Game Initialization Tool.
  6. Click Done-Save Configuration at the bottom of the menu.
  7. Click SAVE all games at the bottom of the next menu.
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