There are three different Protocol Classes provided by EEGer as a method of organizing similar data:

  • AT: Alpha-Theta training data
  • SMR: BetaSMR training data
  • EXP: BetaSMR-like class where screening and baseline data can be separated from training data.

Each Client ID can have a maximum of three protocol classes specified. Each protocol class will add a new entry for the Client ID on menus, as seen in the screenshot below. This allows the user to easily switch between different types of sessions and keeps data grouped appropriately based on the type of training.

These Protocol Classes are further divided into Layouts. A Layout defines what data is presented while running a session, and what Feedback Modes are allowed. The Layout specifies how many channels to use, the number of EEG traces to display, the types of traces, and the order in which they display. Each Protocol Class has different Layouts available (included below is a screenshot of layouts available for the BetaSMR protocol).

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