The Pocket Neurobics Q-Wiz is designed to work with multiple softwares in many different modes depending on the type of data being collected. For EEGer, the Q-Wiz must be put into a specific mode to allow live feedback. When a session begins, EEGer will automatically command the Q-Wiz to enter this mode and allow for the session to be recorded.

In certain conditions, however, the Q-Wiz can enter the wrong mode and needs to be ‘reset’ to allow it to follow EEGer’s commands. Encountering this issue iis not indicative of damage to the amplifier, computer, or EEGer. This is a simple process, and is one of the ‘quirks’ involved in using this powerful amplifier with the EEGer software.

Why Does the Q-Wiz Enter the Wrong Mode?

The Q-Wiz is designed to work wirelessly in certain configurations with other softwares. If the Q-Wiz detects it is receiving power, but not connected to a computer, it will enter a special wireless mode. Problems arise when the Q-Wiz is connected to a computer, but thinks it is not.

This can be caused by:

  • A computer going into sleep/hibernate mode due to inactivity.
  • When connected to a laptop, the laptop’s lid/screen being closed while the amplifier is connected.
  • In certain Windows update or restart situations.

How Is This Issue Avoided?

This issue can be avoided by minimizing the possibility for the Q-Wiz entering the wrong mode. This may involve adjusting the computer's sleep settings, or ensuring the amplifier is unplugged when not in use.

How Is This Issue Resolved?

In most cases, disconnecting and reconnecting the amplifier will resolve the issue. This tells the Q-Wiz that it is no longer receiving power, and when reconnected it checks to see if it is connected to a computer again. If the computer is on and active, the amplifier will be able to detect this and allow EEGer to command it when needed.

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