When new versions of EEGer become available, we encourage updating. New versions bring additional features, help to resolve technical issues, and improve the overall user experience. Being on the latest version also makes it easier for technical support to provide assistance, ensuring smooth operation for both the clinician and client.

There are many reasons users may wish to be on the latest version of the software:

Reasons to Keep EEGer Updated

  • New Home Use features such as the Home Use Cloud and more robust permission controls.
    Note: Both the Clinical system and Home Use system must be updated to benefit from new features.
  • Automation for common tasks such as installing keyfiles and configuring amplifiers.
  • Improved interface and menus based on user feedback.
  • Support for more modern amplifiers and the latest games.
  • Ability to quickly send information to technical support to help with troubleshooting.
  • Important bug fixes and security patches.
  • Many new features, feedback modes, layouts, and overall improvements.

For a full list of changes to the software, please see this page.

Is Updating to the Latest Version Required?

Updating to the latest version is not required but is strongly recommended. Having the latest version installed will make using the software easier to use and can correct a lot of technical issues. For Home Use, it is necessary for both systems to be updated in order to utilize new features.

The latest versions also make it much easier for our technical support staff to troubleshoot and resolve issues more quickly. There is also less need to contact technical support at all due to the stability and fixes of new versions.

Does Updating Cost Anything?

Users who are licensed for the 44 branch of the software are able to install new software version at any time, at no charge. Any software license issued after 2015 will be on the 44 branch, meaning it can be updated to the latest version.

There are two quick ways to tell if the EEGer system is on the 44 software branch:
1. The background on the software’s main screen features a butterfly instead of a lotus flower or water droplet.
2. The first line of text in the bottom left of EEGer’s main screen reads EEGer4 44....

If using an older software branch such as 42 or 43, please contact EEG Store for additional information about upgrading to the latest software branch, as the computer and equipment may not be compatible with the latest versions of the software.

How Do I Update EEGer to the Latest Version?

For full instructions on updating EEGer to the latest version, see this article. Updating can be a simple and straightforward process, and in most cases additional assistance is not required. If any issues do come up or there are questions, our support staff can provide assistance by phone, email, or a remote appointment.

For information on the technical support we offer, and to schedule an appointment, [see this page](/technical-support].

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