EEGer automatically updates an index of all Client IDs to ensure this data is properly displayed within the software. When a new Client ID is created, for example, the necessary details are automatically added to this index file. In certain cases, such as manually deleting a Client ID or transferring Client IDs from another system, this index file may need to be rebuilt. This tells EEGer to look at the location where client files are stored and make sure each client folder can appear within the software.

To rebuild the Client Index file:

  1. Navigate to Client>Rebuild Client Index from the top toolbar of EEGer’s main screen.

  2. This will open a new window as EEGer indexes the client folders. In most cases, this may only take a fraction of a second. For slower computers, or computers with a large number of Client IDs, this can take several seconds.

  3. When completed, the Client Index File should be rebuilt and all valid clients should be selectable. This can be confirmed by pressing Select Client on EEger's main screen and verifying that the correct Client IDs appear in the list.

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