Third-party antivirus and security programs use a disproportionate amount of computer resources in the background. EEGer and its games require a lot of processing power to display data in real-time, so having programs running (often unnecessarily) in the background can cause sessions to fail.

Third-party antivirus and security programs can also block or remove files that EEGer needs in order to function. This happens most often during the installation process, and can cause instability in the software or unexpected errors during normal operation. This is another reason that removing these programs is recommended alongside EEGer.

To prevent this, it is recommended to disable or remove these programs whenever possible. Windows includes a preinstalled security program, Windows Defender, that is sufficient at protecting the computer on its own. Windows Defender is free, preinstalled on the computer, and typically uses less resources than third-party programs.

If these programs can not be removed, we recommend adding security exceptions for EEGer and its subfolders. This will prevent the security program from blocking the installation or use of EEGer’s files.

Recommended Security Exceptions/Exclusions

It is recommended to add security exceptions for the following folders, files, and processes if they are present on the computer:

Any additional data locations manually configured within EEGer (such as a network drive with client files).

How to Add Security Exceptions/Exclusions

The steps to add security exceptions/exclusions will vary depending on the programs installed on the computer. Instructions for common programs are included below for convenience, but the list of programs is not comprehensive.

Windows Defender (All Computers): Add an exclusion to Windows Security

Avast: Excluding certain files or websites from scanning in Avast Antivirus

Bitdefender: How to add Antivirus exceptions

Kaspersky: How to add an application to exclusions in Kaspersky Internet Security

McAfee: How to exclude files from virus scans on Windows or macOS

Norton: Exclude files and folders from Norton Auto-Protect, SONAR, and Download Intelligence scans


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