To display realtime data during training, EEGer requires a large portion of a computer's processing power. Additionally, the game or feedback display also requires some of the computer's resources to process and translate this data into live feedback for the client. Because of the demand EEGer puts onto a computer, antivirus or security programs may interfere. These programs tend to use a disproportionate amount of computer resources in the background and can block or remove files in EEGer that they do not recognize. To prevent this, it is recommended to disable these programs or add exceptions for EEGer and its subfolders. 

The steps to add security exceptions/exclusions will vary depending on the programs installed on the computer. Instructions for common programs are included below for convenience, but the list of programs is not comprehensive.

It is recommended to add security exceptions for the following folders, files, and processes if they are present on the computer:


  • C:\ArdeaGames
  • C:\DKgames
  • C:\EEGer
  • C:\ExtraImages
  • C:\Wayforward
  • C:\Zukor
  • Any additional data locations manually configured within EEGer (such as a network drive with client files).


  • C:\EEGer\BIN\combo.exe

Adding Security Exceptions/Exclusions

Windows Defender (All Computers):
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