To display realtime data during training, EEGer requires a large portion of a computer's processing power. Additionally, the game or feedback display also requires some of the computer's resources to process and translate this data into live feedback for the client. Because of the demand EEGer puts onto a computer, antivirus or security programs may incorrectly believe that EEGer is acting maliciously. These programs may see EEGer using a large portion of resources with limited keyboard or mouse input from the user (especially during a long session) and will attempt to stop the program or investigate why it is using such a large amount of resources. When this happens, it is easy for the session to be interupted or slowed down as EEGer is limited in using the computer's resources. It is possible for this delay to become so large that EEGer falls out of real-time, which can cause the session or program to close (and making it possible for data to be lost).

To address these issues, it is recommended to add security exceptions or exclusions for EEGer and its related folders. This will tell the computer that it is okay for EEGer to use the resources it needs, and that the program should not be stopped or interrupted while in use. In essense, this makes EEGer a 'trusted' program, and allows security scans to direct their attention to other programs or locations on the computer instead of EEGer, keeping the computer and data it contains protected while still allowing EEGer to function as it needs to.

The steps to add security exceptions/exlusions will vary depending on the programs installed on the computer, and instructions for adding these exceptions should be available online for each security program that may be in use. Instructions for common programs are included below for convience, butt the list of programs is not comprehnsive.

It is recommended to add security exceptions for the following folders, files, and processes if they are present on the computer:


  • C:\ArdeaGames
  • C:\DKgames
  • C:\EEGer
  • C:\ExtraImages
  • C:\Wayforward
  • C:\Zukor
  • Any additional data locations manually configured within EEGer (such as a network drive with client files).


  • C:\EEGer\BIN\combo.exe

Adding Security Exceptions/Exclusions

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