Running a Replay Session

EEGer allows for recorded session data to be replayed at any time, giving the user full control as if they were running a Live Session. This is useful for a wide variety of purposes including training new users, observing new Session Plans, demonstrating the feedback displays that are available, learning about the software, and for troubleshooting purposes.

A Replay Session acts identical to a Live Session with two notable exceptions:

  1. Instead of displaying data in real-time from the amplifier, EEGer is using prerecorded data selected by the user.
  2. Impedance can not be checked, as EEGer is not displaying data from the amplifier.

Replay Sessions can be run even in Demonstration Mode, meaning that users without an EEGer4 Software License can still install the software and run Replay Sessions using the sample data included with the software. This allows users to see how EEGer works and compares to other softwares, and can supplement training with the software..

To run a replay session, follow the steps below:

  1. Press the Select Client button from EEGer’s main screen.
  2. Select the Client ID to replay a session with - for demonstration and troubleshooting purposes, we recommend selecting the SMR eegdemo Client ID.
  3. Press the Replay a Session button from the right side of EEGer’s main screen.
  4. A list of recorded session files for the selected Client ID will appear. Once a file is selected, the buttons at the bottom of the screen can allow for replaying the entire session or a specific portion of the session. For demonstration and troubleshooting purposes, we recommend selecting the Two-channel data session located at T3-A1 T4-A2.
  5. Select any Feedback Display (game) to run the session with. This can be a different game than the one used when the session was originally recorded. Additionally, unlicensed (pink background) games can be used in Replay Mode.
  6. Once a Feedback Display is selected, the session will begin.
  7. During a session, F1 can be used to cycle through help screens. F11 can be used to adjust the thresholds automatically based on the plan session screen, and F5 will begin the session.
  8. Adjustments can be made on a trace-by-trace basis by using the arrow keys on the keyboard. If in Single-Monitor Mode, the user can switch between the Therapist/Wave Screen and the feedback display by pressing the spacebar.

If desired, a user can choose to replay a session using the exact key presses used during the original recording. This can be useful for identifying errors or for troubleshooting problems. To enable this feature, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Options>EEGer Configuration Options from the top toolbar of EEGer’s main screen.
  2. Select the Preferences tab at the top of the screen.
  3. Locate option 14 Enable AUTOREPLAY (to use original keystroke actions) and check the box next to it.
  4. Press Close preferences window at the bottom of the screen to save these settings and return back to the main screen of the software.
  5. When replaying a session with AUTOREPLAY enabled, EEGer will automatically mimic the key presses of the original recording in real time. Please note that making any adjustments manually on the replay screen will stop AUTOREPLAY.
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