At times you may experience a yellow or red SYNC message while running a session. This informs the user that the amplifier and EEGer are falling out of sync, and data is not accurately being transmitted for feedback. In order to receive accurate real-time feedback, EEGer must sample the data coming from the connected amplifier a high number of times per second. If this connection is slowed down or interrupted, a SYNC message will appear. There are a few issues that could cause this message to appear:

  1. Faulty USB Cable: This is almost always the cause of the issue - When a cable goes bad and can not sample the data fast enough, SYNC messages will appear. Swap out the cable you are using with your amplifier and see if this resolves the issue. From our testing, SYNC errors are more common when using extremely long cables or low-quality cables.
  2. Swapping USB Port: If swapping the USB cable does not resolve the issue, try switching the USB port that the amplifier is connected to. Just like a USB cable failing, a failing USB port can also cause SYNC issues.
  3. External USB HUB: If you are using an external USB hub, attempt to plug the amplifier directly into the computer instead of through the external USB hub. External USB hubs vary widely in their quality, and could possibly expose the amplifier to a higher chance of damage in addition to causing SYNC issues. It is always recommended to connect your amplifier directly to the computer whenever possible to avoid these issues.
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