This is an alternative to creating EKR files which does not require the home-user to install files onto their computer. This is helpful if they do not have access to the internet or are not comfortable with technology. This method requires the home-user to connect with the supervising clinician by phone or another method of audio or text communication. Please note that it is not possible to make changes to the home-user's session plan using this method.

To begin this process, the home-user will initiate a request for a telephone update on their system. This will generate a 26-character code which is read to the supervising clinician or communicated by text or instant message. The clinician enters the unique code into their software to see information about the home use system and provide the necessary updates.

Initiating a Telephone Update (Instructions for Home User)

  1. Open EEGer and navigate to Client>Remote-use Options>Request telephone update of remote use permissions from clinician from the top toolbar of the main screen of EEGer.

  2. A window will display with a 26-character code and instructions on how to read this code. Please note that this is a code which will only be useable while this window is being displayed. If this window is closed or an error is encountered, you will need to restart the process and receive a different code.

  3. Read or send the 26-digit code to your supervising clinician - they will use their clinical system to generate a reply code.

  4. Input this reply code into the field at the bottom of the window, entering it exactly as it appears to the supervising clinician on their system. Once the code is entered correctly, click apply.

  5. A message will appear indicating if the update was successful or if it failed. If the update failed, it is possible that the code was entered incorrectly.

Creating a Telephone Update (Instructions for Supervising Clinician)

  1. Open EEGer on the clinical computer and navigate to Client>Remote-use Options>Create code for telephone update of remote sessions from the top toolbar of the main screen of EEGer.

  2. Provide your home-user with instructions for initiating a telephone update. Have them read or send you the 26-character code displayed on their system.

  3. A field at the top of the window will allow you to enter the code from your home-user. Once you have entered the code, click the Validate button. If the code was entered incorrectly, the Validate button may not be clickable; verify the code with your home-user.

  4. Information about the home use system will be displayed when a valid code is entered. Use the input boxes on the right side of the window to add new sessions or extend the expiration date on the home use flash drive.

  5. Click the Generate client code button at the bottom of the window to create a reply code - the home use flash drive will not be updated until this code is successfully entered into the home use software.

  6. Read or send this reply code to your home-user and instruct them to enter it into their software. If the home use software reports a failure, please verify the codes again.

  7. It may be necessary for the home-user to reinitiate the request and generate a new code if there is a failure. A new code will be displayed on the home use system and must be entered and validated in the clinical software before a new reply code can be generated.

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