Transferring Clients from the Old Computer

Depending on the number of clients or sessions being transferred, you may need to follow this process multiple times if the flash drive is not large enough. If your flash drive is not large enough to transfer the entire folder, consider following the (smaller files, more steps) instructions below or transfer individual client folders until they are all on the new system.

  1. Locate a flash drive or external hard drive which can be used to transfer files between two computers.
  2. On the computer running EEGer, press Win +E or navigate to the File Explorer.
  3. On the left of the file browser, locate and open the C: drive where EEGer's files are stored.
  4. Open the folder titled EEGer and locate the folder named CLIENTS. This folder should contain all active clients within EEGer (archived clients are found in the ARCHIVES folder).
  5. Right-click on the CLIENTS folder and select copy from the context menu.
  6. If you are transferring to an external hard drive, ensure that it is plugged in at this stage.
  7. Locate the external or network drive you would like to transfer the client files. This will be found on the left-side of the File Explorer near the C: drive we have selected previously.
  8. Open the external/network drive and right-click an empty part of the file explorer.
  9. Select paste from the context menu to begin transferring the copied files to this drive.
  10. Wait until the files have finished copying before removing the external hard drive.

Transferring Clients to the New Computer

  1. Plug the external storage device into the computer you would like to transfer clients to.
  2. Ensure EEGer is already installed on the second computer, then press Win +E or navigate to the File Explorer.
  3. Locate the external storage device along the left-side of the File Explorer and open it; you should see the CLIENTS folder here.
  4. Right click on the CLIENTS folder and select copy.
  5. Navigate to C:>EEGer in the File Explorer.
  6. Right-click into an empty part of the file explorer window and select paste.
  7. A message will ask how you want to transfer these files. Select Replace the files in this destination to begin the transferring process.
  8. Once the files have finished transferring, open EEGer and navigate to Client > Rebuild client index file from the top toolbar.
  9. Click Select Client on the main screen of EEGer. You should now be able to select the transferred clients.

Transferring Preferences to a New Computer

It's a good practice to also copy the Preferences folder, as this stores custom session plans and any tailored games. Follow the steps above selecting the Preferences folder instead of the CLIENTS folder.

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