When reinstalling or upgrading EEGer, as well as when recovering files from a backup, it may be neccesary to move certain files from an old EEGer folder to the newly installed folder. To do this, please follow the instructions below:

Copying Over Client Files

  1. Ensure that a new version of EEGer has been fully installed onto the computer, following the steps found in this article
  2. Locate the renamed EEGer folder or backup that was made during the installation process - find the subfolder labelled CLIENTS.

    This is an example of what the renamed EEGer folder may look like, with the CLIENTS folder highlighted. The filepath displayed at the top of the image will differ from system to system depending on how the EEGer folder is renamed and how the C: drive is named.
  3. Right-click on the CLIENTS subfolder and select Copy from the context menu.
  4. Navigate to the new EEGer folder located at C:/EEGer - there will be a CLIENTS folder here which only contains demonstration data. 
  5. Right-click in the EEGer directory and select Paste from the context menu.
  6. It may take some time for the files to transfer over, depending on the number of clients and number of sessions recorded. The computer may display a prompt asking to replace files that already exist - this will likely refer to replacing the CLIENTS subfolder and the demonstration date within, which is okay.
  7. Once the transfer has finished, open EEGer.
  8. Navigate to Client>Rebuild Client Index from the top toolbar of EEGer's main screen. This should allow EEGer to rescan the CLIENTS folder and note the newly transferred files. 
  9. To ensure this transfer was succesful, press the Select Client button - the list of Client IDs should now reflect any previously created or installed clients, in addition to the demonstration clients. 
Additionally, the EXPORT and ARCHIVES subfolders can be copied over to preserve any archived Client IDs or exports that have been made with EEGer. To do this, repeat Steps 2-7 above using the desired subfolder.

Copying Other Subfolders

Depending on the reason for reinstalling the EEGer folder, the Preferences and Games subfolders may be copied over. The process for doing this is identical to copying the CLIENTS subfolder, instead selecting the Preferences or Games folders. The Preferences folder stores things like custom session plans, some configuration options, and aspects of EEGer like custom wallpapers. The Games subfolder contains information on custom games, or tells EEGer where to locate additional games that have been installed onto the computer.
For most reinstalls, it is recommended to copy all of these subfolders over, unless told differently by EEGer Support. Please note that when upgrading, copying over these extra folders may 'undo' the benefits of upgrading, or cause the software to not function. 
If manually reconfiguring games from a previous version of the software, it is highly encouraged to contact EEGer Support to schedule an appointment with a member of our support staff. While it is possible to reconfigure games manually or from memory, it can be a time consuming process if many customizations have been made to EEGer. 
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